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stuff and random stuff

just for the hell of it

An Anime Community
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Hi! I am your new mod,
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Hi! I am your new mod, <lj-user="hamp_star">, and welcome to the <strike>oddest</strike> coolest community for anime on LJ!* There are, of course, new rules, and a short list of acceptable stuff! Have fun, and abide by the rules! Go for it, and you're welcome to join!

<lj-cut text="Acceptable Stuff">

Anime related:

- Fanart

- cons- We need some for the community as well, so feel free to work on some for us, if you can!

- an Fiction, but not in ungodly ammounts. I'm trying to have a mixed community, not all fanfictions!

- Layouts- Hell, we need one for the community itself!

- All types of anime-related things and shows, such as:

Tokyo Mew Mew, Yugioh

GitS:SAC, Yugioh GX

Hello Kitty, Gundam

Inuyasha, Wolf's Rain

Eureka SeveN, Adult Swim Anime

Naruto, Loveless

And as many others as you can think of!

- All Anime related music, such as:

Puffy AmiYumi

Para Para

Dir En Grey

The guys who wrote Rewrite for FMA that I can't remember the name of right now

And all the others!

Be creative! Anything is welcome!



1. Be polite! Put large pictures behind cuts, and if it's fanart, put what rating it is, because people of all ages come here! Also, respect others. No need to cause a problem, unless somebody is stealing your work or not crediting you, which brings me to this:

2. NO STEALING! Always, always, always credit! Credit for icons, layouts, art, anything and everything! If you are caught or suspected of stealing, then you will be reported and banned, or worse! <b> Credit, people! It's simple! </b>

3. Put large pictures under a cut. Be considerate of friends' lists and try to keep large cosplay pictures or fanart or whatever under a cut. If you don't know how to cut, then I will be glad to show you, but you have to ask!

4. You must apply. Now, you only need to apply once, and it's more of a survey than an actual application, so no worries, you'll be accepted anyways, unless it's extremely off, in which case, you can't join, but that's probably not going to happen. I'm sure most of you out there are <strike>almost</strike> sane. :)


1. <b> What's your favorite anime, and why? </b>

2. <b> Who's your favorite character and why? </b>

3. <b> Why do you want to join this community? </b>

4. <b> What's your name? (Nickname or real name, either one is acceptable.) </b>

5. <b> If someone is caught stealing or not crediting your work, will you tell me or report it before yelling about it, or will you start belting out at the person before warning and reporting? (We shouldn't need this rule, but it happens.) </b>

(Rules, cont.)

5. No hotlinking. I know this really pisses off alot of people, so I'll just say this: I use photobucket for my image hosting, and I suggest that you do too, if you don't already have one.

6. And that's about it, I think. I'll add more rules as they are needed, so there will hopefully not be any ore rules than this in the long run. :D Enjoy!

7. Oh, almost forgot this one: Bilingual posts are totally allowed! Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Russian, Whatever! It's all welcome.

8. Almost forgot this one, too: Screencaps need to be behind an LJ cut, if they are really big.