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Hey. I'm new to Lj. Uh, hi? Anyone willing to show me the ropes? If you wanna know about me, I love Teen Titans, JL and LJU, Naruto, FMA, Jpop, Jrock, and my cult. Please, do NOT misjudge me just because I am in a cult. It is not like Scientology or anything, just a cult. Please do not leave me messages asking about my cult. I know I sound rude, and I apologise in advance, but if you want to know about the cult, please refer to my userinfo. Thanks, and I hope we can be freinds! ^^
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Hi, Zoei!

Where the hell have you been? I guess I found you a little late in the game? ^__^ Remember Orlando? Wasn't it funny to go there and then as soon as we got back, you tried to commit suicide? Oh, little Otaku of light, I miss you around at school. I made my username here the exact opposite of you. Japan is fine, although I doubt you've told anyone here about it. What happened to you sucked, and I know why. I bet you're going to run away, otaku of light. Run, run, run away. And run home, and run to Her. But She doesn't want you. I'll see ya.
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Just wanted to share that. It's from . They do the best stuff, ever. Anyways, it's a human body -Cuban, around 89, to be exact- boiled alive for 2 WEEKS STRAIGHT at 110 degrees to 120 degrees. See, he was old, and as he was stepping into the tub to take a bath, he hit his head on the ledge and passes out. He dies in his unconcious state, because the high tempurature basically, quite literally, cooks him alive. How great is that? Not if it happened to me or you or anything, but damn, you gotta admit, that's probably one of the most fucked up things I've ever seen. So, I totally love it. XD
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Just because nobody's posted here in a while, I'd like to say this:
Okay, I'm done now.
Oh, and did anyone else participate in the Rabbit Hole Day event? If so, I would love to see the results. Mine are at my journal. Yep, I'm done now. ^__^
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Sometimes I feel like killing myself, and I mean that quite literally. My Mom- no, Bitch hates me worse than I could even describe here, and she's my mom. Why should I put up with her always yelling at me and always putting me down? She hates me. You might not think so, but she hates me. You don't know what goes on. She's cruel and harsh. She only focuses on my mistakes. For example: I sang Phantom of the Operah alone on a stage at Disneyland, and she told me after my performance that I missed a note. She said that a real singer doesn't miss a note and that I should practice harder. Why does she hate me?